Thursday, August 14, 2008

Corruption in the World

This morning we talked how to, go ahead from present state of affair of democracies in our world. We found that usually most of the politicians are cheats and unscrupulous. They rule our world , But our needs are good roads, good schools, good parks, public facilities like clean air, water, a shelter and food for everyone.

But most of the politicians make the fools out of us and get the votes by distributing notes (gifts, currency, wine etc.) and get elected by promising that they will provide all the above and more. For a start they may provide schemes as promised. Soon they forget to implement the promises made and usually build up their own empires. They continue to make money till their term ends.

The time has come that we should reject such unfair politicians by promoting the deserving candidates. A beginning should be made and all are invited to guide how to go about!!!

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